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søndag 17. februar 2013

Continuation of post-apocalyptic novel (first draft)

A pack of scavengers scoured the wastelands, their bodies casting dull shadows as the sun slowly trudged towards the horizon. They still looked somewhat human, their naked torsos sweating in the extreme heat, their jaws eerily strong, beset with sharp canines and massive molars made of carbon nanotubes, proof that they weren’t quite human after all. Once denizens of the coastal compounds, now they led a nomadic lifestyle, marching in a seemingly aimless fashion through the deserted hellscape once known as Earth. But alas, contrary to its appearance, their march was everything but aimless. 

The leader among them was known as Kaleb to his peers. His was the privilege to walk first, leading a band of approximately a dozen scavengers. He clutched a sickle in his right hand, his fingers strengthened by a rare alloy from one of the experimental materials science labs in the far north, beyond the reach of barbarians and citizens alike. To his right walked Khysha, the alpha female of the group  a tan, strong Amazon, wearing a bear hide and various jewellery scavenged from abandoned vaults in the hinterlands. Her abdomen was swollen, containing a fetus slowly developing into that which in Scripture was known only as The Chosen One. Both she and Kaleb was sure of this, as was the rest of the pack, along with several other similar groups wandering the immense wasteland. For they had a close relationship to the gods, praying and talking to them every day, routinely stopping to raise the mobile temple, an Ark of The Covenant of sorts, a tent shaped like a pyramid, made of nylon, bobcat hides, pieces of plastic and a varied assortment of found materials.

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